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Prostate Cancer Men United Website Has 65,000 Sign-Ups to Campaign in 2 Weeks


Civil Society reports that “Prostate Cancer UK has signed up 65,000 people to its movement-style new campaign, Men United vs Prostate Cancer, less than two weeks after it launched.

“Following the launch…  the initial media activity has encouraged people to google ‘Men United vs Prostate Cancer’, which leads to a microsite on which they are asked to take a quiz, the results from which will inform the charity’s future campaigns and work.

“Prostate Cancer UK said that the campaign hit its target in terms of ‘sign-ups’ within 48 hours of launch on 24 January, and reached 50,000 sign-ups by the end of its first week. The latest count on the website, which has minute-by-minute updates of who has just signed up, is that more than 64,900 have signed on to the campaign.”

Read the full story on Civil Society’s website.

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